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Have you ever tried brewing money?

With us, it’s fairly simple.

Transfer funds instantly from your bank account
Choose from a variety of DeFi protocols
Withdraw with a tap – anytime, anywhere

“Never knew DeFi could be this easy to navigate through!”

This is the DeFi experience of your dreams 

Grow your crypto every second

One-tap DeFi functions

Instant transfers

You’re the Master of Your Money

We work with vetted, blue-chip DeFi protocols that are trustworthy. So, you can choose the best of the best for your savings.

Ready to take the leap into DeFi?

If you want to grow your crypto, DeFi is the answer for you. But even for this transparent platform, you should know about the risks involved before you dive in.

Brew Money tackles a lot of these risks by managing private keys on your device. But it does not guarantee complete immunity.

Reduce custody risk by backing up your seed phrase. Ensure there are no malwares on your device.

We work with DeFi Protocols that have a long track record and have undergone independent security audits to reduce any software risks.

A loss in the value of a protocol’s crypto assets can severely affect your deposits. To reduce this risk, we work with assets that have good long-term prospects.

We’ve got a Free DeFi 101 guide for you!

From the basics of blockchain to the risks involved in DeFi, we cover everything you need to know before you launch your money-ship with us.

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