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Earning 10% APR

A smarter way to
save, spend & grow
your money

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Free your money
with the DeFi Movement

Financial Institutions take custody of your money to earn yield passing 
a portion
a trivial portion to you. DeFi reverses the equation.

DeFi or Decentralised Finance is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central intermediaries. It is your own money robot that makes you brilliant with money by bringing back the value to you and growing your wealth faster.

DeFi is a whole new world and Brew is the fastest way to get on it.
Brew - Save more

Save more

Link your bank account and add money securely to start saving in Instant Deposit, all in under a minute.

Grow faster

Saving up for your next vacation or a gift for someone you care. Smart Goals help you accomplish your aspirations sooner by getting you up to 10% APY.

Pay friends

Secure, fast, and free payments. Select the amount, type the mobile number, and hit send.

Instant withdrawals

Withdraw money instantly back to your bank account any time for zero fees.

What they are not telling us...

In 2020, Bank of America had over $1 Trillion as deposits. It earned an interest of $52 Billion (5.2% Returns Earned) from its customer deposits. But it paid out only $8.2 Billion in interest to its customers.

Banks make billions from customer deposits but share less than 20% of the income generated to depositors.  At the same time, the inflation rate between August, 2020 and August, 2021 was estimated to be 5.3% in the United States. Between low interest rates, numerous hidden fees, and high inflation customers are effectively losing money on their deposits.

Brew helps you get past this by getting the best of DeFi. Your deposits are converted to Stablecoins and deployed in secure DeFi Lending Protocols and Liquidity Pools on Decentralised Exchanges to generate higher yield.
Your account is protected by your Pin and Face ID. We verify your account by SMS or MFA Authenticator apps such as Google Auth.
Your account data is securely saved with AES-256 encryption. All data exchange happens over SSL.
We use USDC as our stablecoin of choice. There are over $27 Billion  worth USDC in circulation. USDC is created by Circle.
We work with proven DeFi protocols managing over $20 Billion of crypto-assets over years.