Brew Money | Take control of your crypto - Earn ~6% APY on crypto with self-custody. Withdraw anytime. | Product Hunt

Earn up to 10% APY
with blue-chip DeFi protocols
and self-custody.

Withdraw funds anytime, no lock-ins.
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How does Brew Money generate up to 10% APY?

The simplest way to invest in DeFi.

Why choose Brew Money

Start saving in less than 5 minutes.

Non-custodial - You have complete control of your funds at all times. #YourKeysYourCrypto

Add or withdraw funds anytime. No lock-ins.

Free money transfers. Pay 0 gas fees on all transactions.

Get an exclusive NFT free on first deposit

We minted Bithoots - Aaveians, an NFT collection of high-quality, head-turning pixel art owlets for you!

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